Thursday, October 22, 2009

A poignant bit from the Post Secret project

I saw this by way of  a blog post from Meghan Tepner, and though the whole post is good, her repost of a picture from the Post Secret project really got me, as in it is truth for me too.

I'm afraid.
I have a lot of fear and rage inside.
It is so hard to grow through and past. But I am working on it. Ouch! It's very painful at times, because it means I must uncover wounds I did not even realize were there in order to heal them.
But I'm tired of hurting. I must have faith and intention that I cannot help but be happy and healed. I am afraid I won't be happy even if I am physically well, but now I acknowledge that is my ego trying to cling to its current identity of illness and pain. I am afraid because I'm not sure who I would be if I were to be fully, radiantly healthy. But I would still be me. Illness does not define me. Neither does my job, my house, my friendships, my hobbies, my favorite foods. I will be free of the ego and it's clawing control of my life, my food choices, my emotions, habits, and fears. I will. No, I AM free of the ego! I am free and radiantly healthy! It is inside me right now, and I will reveal it to the world in time.



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