Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Physical update

I had hoped to get the initial inventories for all area out of the way to start with, but that would be rather organized of me, and, well, life happens. I feel it's time for a physical status update.

Physically speaking, I haven't been feeling all that well for the past three weeks. I've had a lot of headaches. I had migraines multiples times last week, and those were NO FUN! But I know the trigger - menstration triggers migraines for me often, and wheat triggers sinus headaches and occasionally even migraines. So I really, really need to be more diligent about cutting out wheat and gluten - no matter how much I am craving it. I am addicted to this terrible "food." I wouldn't even call it food - food nourishes the body, and gluten is like a poison to my body. Therefore, wheat bread, pasta, etc. are NOT FOOD for me! I need to stop thinking of them as food.

On a happy note, I noticed today I am really craving GREENS for the first time in my life. I'm not sure why this is, but it makes me happy. Usually my cravings are for things I KNOW are terrible for me and the craving are a result of stress, anxiety, or addition. But greens? I have hated salad so much in the past, the idea that I would CRAVE GREENS seems so strange! I thought it might happen if I drank a lot of green smoothies and got really used to consuming a lot of greens daily, but I've only been having green smoothies occasionally at best. But today I really wanted a salad, with the enthusiasm I usually reserve for chocolate and a number of terribly-unhealthy snacks, like garlic bread, pizza, ice cream, etc. I had some less strong greens cravings over the last week, too. This is really rather exciting - it means my body is learning to tell me what I need nutritionally, instead of just emotionally, and that is a skill I have been working on for a long time now with only limited success.

Let's see... I found that the shoulder/arm/back pain I have been experiencing for many years is most likely due to poor lymph circulation/drainage. So I have been skin brushing (said to improve lymph circulation, and it definitely energizes me!) and recently purchased a high-quality rebounder as well. I will be getting more exercise that way, and bouncing on a rebounder is supposed to improve immune system and especially lymph circulation/drainage.
Why is my lymphatic system messed up? I'm not entirely sure. I think a big part of it must be the lack of exercise I've had in recent years to keep the lymphatic system circulating. The lymphatic system is so important. It cleans and carries toxins from your tissues to your liver for removal from the body. However, there's no pump for the lymphatic system - you have to move your body in order to get your lymph moving. I have not had a regular exercise routine in over 4 years. But this pain preceded that, so I think there must be more to it. Massage helps, but only temporarily. I think that may be because it gets the lymph moving again.

Also, we put up mirrors in the living room and I have purchased a portable DVD player, so now I have the space and equipment to use all my dance DVDs. I love to dance so very much, but I need a bit more regimented plan if I am going to get in better shape and challenge myself physically.

Additionally, I've gone off hormonal birth control. I really, really needed to stop after years of being on it constantly. I think it has messed up my hormonal self-balance and may be responsible for the migraines. I need to let my body clear this out and learn to self-regulate again. I don't think hormonal birth control is an ideal long-term solution. Short-term it is great, but if you are looking at more than a couple years, it's much, much cheaper and less hassle to get an IUD. If I had to do it all over again, I would have gotten an IUD many years ago, to start with, and saved myself thousands of dollars in prescription costs, not to mention the physical benefits.
I will, however, miss the predictability and control of when I had my period and for how long. Alas. I'll have to go back to being surprised. Life is full of surprises. I wish we would stop thinking of surprises as always bad. I guess that means I should start with accepting them myself. :)

Love and light,

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