Monday, September 21, 2009

Why "Raw Growth"?

"Raw" and "Growth" both have a lot of connotations and a lot of meaning for me.

-There's raw as in raw food, which by my blogs followed is clearly an interest of mine. I have found integrating more raw fruits, veggies, and nuts into my diet helps with some of my many minor, chronic ailments, such as allergies, fatigue, headaches, and indigestion.
-Raw can also be used to describe emotions and feelings at a very primal, intense level
-Raw is the way we feel when a painful truth about ourselves has been revealed. Ouch! But it's also the only way to grow...

Stasis is death. As they say, the only constant in life is change... Without growth, we stagnate. And isn't stagnation boring? Therefore, one of my life goals is constant growth, progress, and change, even when it is hard... even when it leaves you feeling raw and tender. So let us tend to ourselves and to those beings around us so that we may all grow - together.

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